maintain scroll position on gridview in panel using (ASP)

I have a SQL2005 DataSource I am presenting thru a gridview inside a panel on a web page.  I want to be able to have the gridview not reposition at the top (-1) row every time the page does a postback - I want to be able to control where the gricview is positioned after a postback based on the RowSelect the end user has made before the postback takes place.  I also do not want to use 'pages' in this particular app.  

Open to using JAVA or AJEX if the proper solution lies in that direction.  I am not proficient enough in C# to try to use.

Thanks - any help / consideration / suggection would be apprecited - John
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Look at this solution
JohnSaumAuthor Commented:
Apparently I did not explain myself well.  I will use this resource for reference but not be asking questions in the future.
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