Use TFS 2010 within Visual Studio 2005

I am just getting started with TFS2010 and I can not figure out how to use it within Visual Studio 2005 Professional.  I have read that I need to use team explorer, but I do not know where this is at for integration within VS 2005.  If you can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
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The link that you pointed to would be used to have Visual Studio 2003 and earlier integrate with TFS 2005.  I am trying to get Visual Studio 2005 integrated with TFS 2010.  I did try the MSSCCI provider for TFS 2010, but VS 2005 stated it is only meant for earlier versions of visual studio.  The error message says to please use Team Explorer.  However, I still do not know how to get Team Explorer for Visual Studio 2005.
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The good news is, it seems that they do support it (with reduced functionality):

Here is the KB article:

Here's a topic discussing connecting from Win7:

Hope this helps!
AaronRosemaAuthor Commented:
From what I was able to gather from the second link, which is an update to VSTS 2005, you essentially had to be using TFS 2005 and are now upgrading to it.  I am upgrading from Visual Source Safe 6.0d.  Therefore, I did not have VSTS, but rather I had VS Professional.  With that in mind how do I connect from VS Pro to TFS2010.  This is only an issue where I can not use VS 2010, like within SSIS packages for SQL 2005 and such.  Is Team Explorer 2005 out in microsoft somewhere for VS 2005 Pro?
AaronRosemaAuthor Commented:
Your powers of searching are much better than mine.  I have no idea what you terms you used in your search to find this, but thank you very much.
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