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Barcode reader for .NET application

I need to come up with a barcode writer and reader application in .NET.
Anybody has experience with barcodes?

I am looking for answers for
1. Barcode or 2D Barcodes?
2. Advantages and disadvantages?
3. Third party tools with .NET
4. Data Security.

Please provide me any info related to these.
1 Solution
I have create barcodes  as images for displaying in websites and windows forms in the past. These were then printed in the header or reports and sometimes on barcode printers.

A good example of how to create barcodes can be found here:

Some info on different barcode standards:

Using this info from the two links above , you should have all the info you need for creating most common barcodes.

The choice of standard or 2D barcodes will depend on the amount of info you need to contain within the barcode. If you simple contain a reference/id then the standard barcode should be fine. Anything more than that ( over 20 or so digits/characters) then you might want to consider 2D. You will also need to consider where the barcode is likely to be used, maybe read by another system?

There are a number of tools out there, but I have no experience with any of them, so will leave it to someone else to comment on.

Although it is an old article, might be of interest to you: Bar Code Scanners with the .NET Compact Framework

Concerning data security, I would not encode any data that needs to be secured within a barcode. I would wherever possible, only provide a reference, and then allow an application to look up the data in a database or some other secure way. If you must include it in a barcode, then you would need to encrypt the data, make a barcode using the encrypted data. The application would then need to know the key to decrypt.
nsdlsandyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the information in one answer itself.
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