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Outlook 2007 - Sent Emails disappearing from Sent Items

Anti-Mhz asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
The setup is Outlook 2007 running of PST files and Exchange. POP3 is the primary account, exchange is as a backup

Simultaneously 3 of the users on the domain have lost their Sent Items emails for the last 24 hours. Also a strange activity can be noticed when sending an email. An email would reach the receiver, yet i can visually see the item disappearing from the Sent Items folder. Any tips?

So far I tried
-restarting exchange server
- cleaning hard drive space on the server 2003 box hosting the exchange server (I have about 12GB left) of free space.
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- I have now about 50GB free space on exchange server
- Having searched Sent Items folder for the last 24 hours I've found "No items"


- Having checked Folder Size for Sent Items on 2 different computers, one has 50mb full and the other one has 62MB, this aint a folder limit issue. plus ive read that sent items folder should support up to 2GB by default
- ive deleted about 100mb of attachments from sent items folder, yet still new items disappear
Did you try rebuilding the profile? Create a new profile and associate the PST file to the new account and see if the problem still occurs.


why would it crash on +3 computers simulataneously thou?
Did anything happen to the server? It is strange that it's only happening to those handful of users. Give the following a try also on one of the stations to see if there is any difference:

Right click on the "Sent Items" folder.
Select Properties
Change to the “Administration” tab
In the “Administration” tab the first setting called “Initial view on folder:” needs to be set to “Messages”

One other thing I can think of is to run the inbox repair tool. See here for more information.
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hi anti-mhz,
- does those user mailbox have Archive folder? there might be a settings sets on moving default sent item into sent item in archive folder (refer to image below)

 archive sent item
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still no solid solution (as in I cant tell my boss that it works and works for good)

has anyone experienced a problem like this one.

"Sent Emails disappearing from Sent Items""


worked. best solution
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