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ActiveX control won't display on a form when running on Windows 7

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-25
We have a rather large application that we are working to convert to VB.Net from VB6. It is infested with an older third party grid control that we were hoping we could replace gradually instead of all at once. The company that created the control has ceased to exist, to put it nicely. The program runs fine on Vista and earlier, but when we install and run on Windows 7, none of the grids show up anywhere in the program. The program doesn't spit back any errors, and all other functionality seems o.k, it's just the grids that don't show. I have created a simple program that is just one form, with one grid on it, and even that won't work. Very strange. Ideas anyone?
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Could you create a new user control based on VB.net controls that has the same methods and properties as the old grid object on the vb6 app?  This way you could keep the code you have in place and essentially slip this new one in place.  It's just a thought, and I'm no expert on doing this, but you should be able to create a class based on a new control that does work, but yet has the necessary properties of the old control with all the same methods and properties.


We have already picked a new control and the functionality is just to different to attempt something like that. It's starting to look like we'll just have to bite the bullet and replace the control now instead of later.

OK, sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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I think if you click the "Request Attention" you can get a moderator to look at it and make some suggestions to get other experts involved.  Beyond the suggestion I made, I just don't have that same environment to test in.


Just going to replace the control
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