vb6 exe to reverse code to see project


I have an old vb6 project...
that is in "exe"

Is there way to breakdown this exe code in vs8 or a third party program ?

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Maybe programs like this can help:


Best of luck
It is extremely unlikely that you will get anything useable out of an exe.  There are many other people that have asked this same question on this site, as well as others.  what you think of as vb code no longer exists once it is compiled to an exe.    The best you would get out of it would maybe be some kind of low level stuff, but no where near vb code.  You're better off documenting the app and rewriting in your language of choice.  Sorry to be the downer, but I've tried and I've seen many others try - save your time for something more fruitful.
You won't get anywhere unless you know a good amount of assembly(very low level) and you know what functions are being called along with program's code flow.

There are a few older decompilers for VB6 but you still need to know asm to get anything well worth out of it.

VB5 and VB6 are compiled into P-Code. Your best bet is to look for a P-code decompiler. If your lucky enough to find a copy of it. http://www.program-transformation.org/Transform/DoDi DID create a VB6 decompiler it broke down ti the tokens and then tranlates the modules to readable code again. Which is recompilable. Trick is finding the executable. I can't give you direct advice as for one I don't know if you are the true owner of the source code nor is it legal to provide a tool like this. It is legal however to give you hints as it is not telling you how it is done just mearly a shove in the right direction. If you find Dodi and he is still doing his service it will cost you $100 w/ proof of ownership. Atleast that is what it was when I was talkin with him in 2004.

I know FXcop does a reverse engineering and also code reviews it
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Thanks to all
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