dll error messages

I have a client with Windows xp home edition service pack 3. When you first turn on the computer each time, there are dll error messages.

I thought about doing fixmbr from recovery console, but got a warning that partition may become unbootable as a result, so I decided not to do that.

What do you recommend doing when getting dll error messages on startup of pc each time?

Thank you in advance.

By the way, I don't remember the exact message, since I no longer have the computer but want to learn for the future.
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1) Write down the message so you can get help.
2) If the error is for missing DLL, you will need to either:
  + Get the DLL and place it in the appropriate directory, or
  + Find the program that is attempting to load the DLL during startup and remove it from the startup

Running msconfig can assist in getting a list of startup items, or use a utility like TrendMicro's HIJACKTHIS to get a list of startup items.
now2010Author Commented:
Would you say that any dll error at startup can be resolved by finding a program that's causing it and removing it from startup.
Yes you could do that or try re-installing it if you need the program.

Fixmbr would do nothing to correct the problem.
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