Trend Micro Officescan clients repeated prompts for reboot

Recently did an patch install on our Trend Micro Office Scan 10.0 server.  I believe this was Patch 2 plus I did a critical patch install after that (after first rebooting the server after 1st patch install).  As usual, it is prompting the clients to restart their computers to complete the updates on the client side.  Whats odd is that some of them are doing just fine...prompting for only one reboot and thats it.  I have had other clients that prompt for a reboot.  I reboot the server or workstation and the restart prompt displays again.  Any ideas?  We are not using the firewall service from Trend.
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carlrjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This won't tell you why some PC's need to reboot twice, but it's worked for me many times:

I have been able to fix most problems with Trend's client by logging in as a local machine admin and at an (elevated) Command prompt I type:


which runs a client update/installer.

BeachhausAuthor Commented:
Yeah, it really doesnt make sense.  There are some servers that I know I restarted, but all of a sudden they are prompting for a restart.  Who knows.  I'll resort to your solution unless Trend Support can steer me in a different direction or at least provide a reason why it does that.  Thanks for the response.
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