Simple drive suddenly RAW and empty?

Windows 7, USB 2 drive was a real workhorse and functional until other external drives were added.  Now it shows rather than NTFS, RAW and empty.  Any clues?
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Asta CuAsked:
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Asta CuConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Totally bizarre, so although I solved the problem, will leave it open for input.

I renamed the drive in diskmgmt to another letter (T vs. S), and it repopulated as NTFS and with all content viable and addressable.  This after several reboots, with it off, then back on... kept same USB connectoid and all resolved.

Insights appreciated.
Asta CuAuthor Commented:
The info previously on this drive was...
this USB device can perform faster if you connect to a hi-speed 2.0 port.
USB Root hub has 8 ports, shows only one connection and that is the USB Composite Device.
Is Intel 82801G (ICH7) family
USB2 enhanced host controller - 27cc.

The recommendation is to disconnect the USB Mass Storage device from its current port and connect it to one of the ports on a hub shown in bold type.  7 of 8 ports are unused, the only one in use is as noted above, the composite device and the only thing in BOLD type is the "USB Root Hub (8 ports) item.

What in the world is going on?  I turned off the checkmark that says tells me if it can perform faster.
But what is the point of these notifs since none of the above makes sense.

Asta CuAuthor Commented:
Gadzooks, I'm truly here talking to myself, LOL.  Happy weekend Y'all.
":0)  Asta
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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Just saw this. Glad you fixed it yourself. Could have been that one of the other externals had previously been connected and assigned the same drive letter so now they overlap. Rare but seen this before.
Asta CuAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input, aarontomosky; I've seen this before as well, but since no apps were installed that addressed either of the two letters used, I remain baffled that this issue even arose.
Asta CuAuthor Commented:
My response initially showed how I solved this problem; I wanted to add that this is an eSata external Seagate drive as well as 2 others installed.  This particular drive can also be USB2/eSata/Firewire ...
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