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Trying alternative Soap Address if First Fails using standard PHP SOAP class

namsu55 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
If I want to try another address if the first one fails, how would I go about doing this. I have exceptions in each of the web service functions I have wrapped. So if an error occurs that's related to the web service in terms of time out or not being found I would like to use the other address. I don't know how to go about this.
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Aaron TomoskyDirector, SD-WAN Solutions

If the call Stack can be written as a function that takes the soap address as input you could just call the function with address1 and on fail, call it again with address2


How would I do that. So for example look at my code.

In the catch what would you expect me to do, call a private function, which uses __setLocation?

I'm not too sure can you give me an example.
public function addMember($memberArray){

		$this->debugObj->output("addMember function START");

		if (!is_array($memberArray)){

			return "This is not an array. You require an array of all the details of the member you would like to add";


		$this->debugObj->output("addMember function - Trying to add member details - " . print_r($memberArray, true));


			$AddMemberResponse = $this->_DNX->addMemberMethod(array('Security' => $this->_securityDetails, 'Member' => $memberArray));

		}  catch(SoapFault $fault){

			return "Soap has an error. " . $fault;

		} catch(Exception $error){

			return $error;


		$this->debugObj->output("addMember function - Response from addMemberMethod Web Service - " . print_r($AddMemberResponse, true));


			$this->debugObj->output("addMember function - Successfully entered the member, response was a 1.");
			return true;

		} else {

			$errorCode = $this->error_codes($AddMemberResponse->Code);
			$this->debugObj->output("addMember function - Error code returned from web service, response was - " . $errorCode);
			return $errorCode;


		$this->debugObj->output("addMember function END");


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Director, SD-WAN Solutions
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Good idea I will try that from the constructor.
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