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Something wierd is happening on our image gallery page of our wordpress website. I have installed the NextGen Gallery plugin on a page, with the images opening using lightbox. The problem is that our navigation menu is showing through the image.  It is happening on all images in lightbox.  

How could i stop the menu showing through?   Here is a link to my website
Jon ImmsWeb DeveloperAsked:
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jeremyjared74Connect With a Mentor Commented:
rbudj is correct about fixing the errors, but to fix your specific problem, add this to the BOTTOM of your style.css file:
#fancybox-outer  {
z-index: 9999 !important;
display: block;
div #nav-menu {
display: block !important;
z-index: 999 !important;
position: relative;

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lightbox not working in IE8.
You have 29 HTML errors and 375 CSS errors. Fix these and you will likely fix your problem.
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