Can the data from my game be used for mining, etc?

Hi, I created a simple game that shows a product to a user and gives the user an option of 3 prices to choose from. The aim is to choose the correct price for the product.

There is an incentive for the user to play this (all be it a primitive one), they earn points for getting the price right.

However I'm looking for insights into how I can say this game has value or 'purpose'. For example I record the users guess whether it be right or wrong. My hope is that this data can tell us something about users, consumers, pricing etc.

Ideally I would have liked to create a game that asks the user 'how much would you play for this'.... but this isn't really a game, but the data obtained woud give the game a purpose.

Anyway I'm stuck with 'Guess the price'. So any ideas what this data could be harvest for?

Consumer protection?
Price watch?
Does it tell us subconciously what a user IS willing to pay for an item etc?
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The only thing it really tells you is what the user thinks is the price of the item. If you show me a fancy watch and ask how much it is, I might guess $250, but I buy mine for $10 at Walmart and mourn the loss of the days when I could get one for less.

It does tell you some about the person, though. Mostly just how well they know certain markets. What a particular person thinks is a fair price doesn't really mean anything if that person never buys that kind of thing.

However, if you collect a short survey about each user (current salary, education level, age, gender, etc) and look at how they guess certain items, it could give an idea of who to market certain items to. If you find that college students really undervalue your product, you either need to start doing some more intentional marketing to them to show the value or stop wasting money in that area. But some action should be taken, so it would be good to know.

If certain groups overvalue your products, you should certainly market to them. They'll think they're getting a good deal so they will be much more likely to buy.
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