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Mac (No Name Resolution)

srilee asked
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Last Modified: 2012-06-21
I have a friend who hasa Mac that suddenly can not resolve domain names and thus is unable to browse the internet. I'm a PC tech but I reluctantly agreed to help as I know little about Mac's. That being said I dove in and found that his machine is on a wireless LAN and can ping the Acess Point and other PC's on the LAN (one Mac and one XP machine). I then tried to ping external websites using doamin names with no success. I then did the same ping test but this time I used IP addresses and the test was successful. The problem Mac has a DHCP issued IP address and is using the Access Point as its DNS server. All other PC's on the LAN are using the same settings (different IP's) and are working with out any problem.  I tried to add a diffent DNS server hower it will not retain the address. Anyone have a starting point I can check?
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I am not a MAC expert at all, I am Windows, Linux guy but for testing purposes have you tried to assign the Apple a static IP address that is valid on the local network along with a static DNS?  I know enough about TCP/IP that if you are having an issue similar to this the the first thing to bypass is the DHCP server and try a static route.

Pull down the Apple Menu to System Preferences
Open the Network Preference pane
Click on the Advanced button at the bottom right.
Click on the DNS tab.
To add DNS servers, click on the + button at the bottom left.
I suggest you add:
See attached screen shot.
While you are at it, click on the proxy tab and make sure that no proxies are in use.

If the XP machine which you indicated is working fine check with the command ipconfig /all what are the DNS addresses defined. When using DHCP you can choose not to obtain the DNS address automatically from the DHCP server. If the DNS server are set to automatic on the XP machine then set the DNS to automatic on the MAC also. In case the XP has static IPs for DNS assign the same addresses for the MAC also.

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