auto-archive to archive mailbox in exchange 2010 and outlook 2010

I have deployed archive mailboxes for my exchange 2010 users. They see the new mailbox in their outlook profile and that seems to work fine. Now the question is, how do they auto-archive to this new mailbox? i only see where autoarchive setting allows you to choose a .pst location. Can we use this new fancy archive mailbox as our auto-archive location?
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lucid8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Unless I misunderstand your question, you are NOT looking to auto-archive items to PST files, but want to utilize to the new personal Archive mailbox function within 2010 so as to avoid having items strewn across your network within PST files, correct?

 If my above presumption is correct, please check out this article from MS it will answer all of your questions 
hi DEFclub,
- in Outlook, to set your archive folder as the default, go to the 'Tools' menu.
- select 'Options' then select 'Other' tab.
- click the 'AutoArchive' button. click the 'Browse' button and select the archive folder and the .pst location that have been created.
- then set the necessary archive options and settings available in that window such as Autoarchive every xx days and etc (as below image).

 archiving options
DEFclubAuthor Commented:
Yes you nailed it - archive by policy - thxs
Happy to assist and thanks for the points!
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