Can you run multiple instances of XP mode in Windows 7?

I have a couple legacy programs that I support. (vb6).   On an XP machine, I may have a couple instances of VB open in different screens (dual monitors).  XP mode does not fully support dual monitors.  I was wondering if it is possible to have multiple instances of xp mode running at the same time on one machine.   This way I could have each instance of XP mode running in different monitors.   Could this be accomplished by setting up multiple virtual machines?


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yes but you need a really powerfull hardware to accomplish that and do your job easily.

Licensing - Windows 7 allows you ONE licence to run Windows XP Mode.  Technically, you can copy the .vhd and associated files to keep multiple copies.  Technically, you can even run multiple of the virtual machines in tandem, but it is not legal (IANAL).
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
If we are strictly talking about XP Mode, then cyberkiwi hit it right on.  Windows 7 Pro/Ent/Ult comes with a single XP license.  To satisfy licensing requirements - if you had to run two at once - you would need to purchase (or have purchased) a valid/unused XP license to run it as a separate non-XP-Mode virtual machine.
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