How to delete old PC accounts from active directory?

Is there a free tool, or batch file I can use to delete all computer accounts that have not been seen by the domain controller, in lets say 60 days (or 90, or 120)? There are a bunch of PCs I have scrapped whose corresponding accounts I neglected to delete.
This is a Windows 2003 Domain with a total of 60 onsite PC's.
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Mike KlineCommented:
I was part of that previous discussion and still recommend oldcmp :)

One nice thing about oldcmp is that Joe has put a lot of safety features in.   Typical use is to dislable after a certain amount of days then delete.

For example disable after 90 and delete after 180.

If you have clusters be careful of that computer account.

Another tool I'm going to soon review for my blog is AD Tidy

haven't fully tested so can't 100% recommend but if you prefer a GUI that could be a nice tool.


More specifically to that discussion:


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