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I am testing the network security, I have installed Wireshark...i want to know how to sniff other PCs' traffic using my pc?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You can't sniff a switch unless it's a managed switch that has the ability to send all traffic to a monitoring port as well (the proper term eludes me at the moment).  If it's not a managed switch, then you need a hub to sniff things.

Switches direct traffic to specific ports and don't broadcast it to others.  Hubs, are essentially repeaters that should out everything they get to all the ports they have.  One is the correct one, the others aren't... but if a sniffer is on another, then you can sniff it.
Aaron TomoskyTechnology ConsultantCommented:
Well...you can arp poison but that causes it's own set of problems. I just wanted to clarify that you can't sniff a switch is really there isn't a good way to sniff a switch.
What leew is referring is called Port Mirroring that is you set up a port to mirror your uplink port (if you have one) and then you can sniff all the traffic using wireshark
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ettercap may help you out in this case:
1. you may install ettercap (http://ettercap.sourceforge.net) on another PC;
2. use ettercap to sniff your network (of course the ettercap PC and your PC must be in the same network);
3. Then filter the result by using IP or mac address etc and see if any other PCs are trying to attack your PC.

Which switch are you using?
If you are looking for information regarding what goes to and from the Internet then the firewall/router's event log may help somewhat.

To capture the actual packets you would need to use port mirroring as mentioned above.

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