How to disable suggestions on Android EditText view?

I have two EditText view on my form and i've tried so far android:inputType="textNoSuggestions"

but as isoon as i click on the edittext view and start typing, the suggestions comes up again. Any idea about how to disable this functionality?
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Dejan PažinConnect With a Mentor Head of SW DevelopmentCommented:

Dont know why it doesnt work then, the only advice I found is to try this:


instead of this:

Dejan PažinHead of SW DevelopmentCommented:

Which version are you using? This feature seems to be available in API 5.

Try this solution:
muratkazanovaAuthor Commented:
Working wih the latest one, and textNoSuggestions won't error out on my end but doesn't work either
muratkazanovaAuthor Commented:
Setting the inputType to textNoSuggestions works when you type in that EditText view for the first time. If you navigate to another view on the screen and mouse click again on the same EditText to focus on. This is where the suggestions window displayed as I type.

Any ideas?
muratkazanovaAuthor Commented:
Thank you dejanpazin, using textNoSuggestions|textVisiblePassword combination seems to resolve the issue.
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