SBS 2003 server (not R2) and 2nd Terminal Server


We have a SBS 2003 (not R2) server with remote web workplace.  
We created a new Terminal server as a test configured with the default settings.  Added Domain users group to the remote users group.
Last I remember testing, we were able to get into the server via terminal services internally.
when remoting into the sbs 2003 server via remote web workplace, I can see the terminal server as one of the "application servers".  but when i try and log into it, I get the following message:  "To logon to this remote computer, you must have Terminal server user access permissions on this computer....."

I heard that SBS 2003 doesnt like a 2nd terminal server, but is there a safe work around??
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There's no problems installing additional servers on an SBS network. You just need to do it the SBS way.

1. Did you add the server compuper via the SBS manager console?
2. Did you run the connect the computer wizard (i.e. http://servername/connect)?
3. Did you add Web Workplace Users to the Remote Desktop Users group on the terminal server? This is the group that controls access to RWW.

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