Pictures not following ComboBox

I added pictures to my read-only "View" Form and when it is opened it show the picture of the employee, but on the "Entry" form you can select an employee with a combo box but the picture does not change to match the selection. I've added code to the frmEmergencyContactsEntry afterUpdate to requery but no luck. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
Private Sub Form_AfterUpdate()
If IsNull(Me!txtPicture) Or Me!txtPicture = "" Then
        ' do nothing
        Me!DisplayPicture.Picture = GetPathPart & Me!txtPicture
    End If

        Me!CboStaffName = "StaffID"
End Sub

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Nick67Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It does on my home Access 2010 machine
It does on my work Access 2003 machine.
db on the desktop
Your picture folder dragged to the root of C:\
It plays.
Proof below

read-only "View" Form?
the "Entry" form?

Just which one is which?
And since you posted it secured, just how am I supposed to examine it?

I held the shift button and got in.
You got a little mixed up with your navigation buttons.
On the form with the combo box to select, the main form has nav buttons, and the pictures work.

The other form, the SUBFORM has the nav buttons, not the main form.
There is no way to move it to new records, so the picture doesn't change.

Make the nav buttons the same (on main form) and they work correctly
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Altered sample (opened with Access 2010--references may be broken for prior versions)
Let me know
poucedeleonAuthor Commented:
When you open he db and click on Emergency Contacts, a Entry Form Opens. The last record in the db is displayed with the pic. But if you change record, (Select a diferent employee from the combobox at the top or the record selector at the bottom) the picture does not update.
poucedeleonAuthor Commented:
I brought the db home and tried it on my home computer and it works great. All the hours spent working on this. There must be a issue with my computer at work. Thanks for taking the time to look at it.
No Problem.

Hope you can puzzle out what's going BANG!
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