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I have just set up a site in Dreamweaver and am trying to save to an already existing remote file. When I try to do so I receive the message via Dreamweaver " A file with that name already exists and is locked".  I tried saving the file locally first and see the the same message. The permission status on the remote file was 644 and I also changed it to 755. I have no trouble copying the file using FTP (Filezilla).
I am running Vista locally and CS4. The host type used is Zeus.
I am a real newbie so please bear that in mind.
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi Hiltonio,

A "locked" file in DW means that the site was set up using Check-In/Check-Out to prevent developers from stepping on each other.

In your copy of DW, go into the Site Definition and find the "Enable Check In/Check Out" checkbox and activate it.

This will enable two new buttons in the files panel.  You will need to "check out" the file you want to change, make the changes, then "check in" the file to put it back.

More info here:

HiltonioAuthor Commented:
Fantastic Jason - this site really does what it says.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
>> Fantastic Jason - this site really does what it says.

We try.  More often than not, we can help you.
HiltonioAuthor Commented:
My mistake Jason's was the best comment
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