My Network Places in Windows XP

In my company we have about 50 cliënts, all running Windows XP Pro or Windows 7 pro. Beside that we use SharePoint 2007 to manage are project data.

I figured out that the "Network Places" in both Windows versions are very handy to map network locations to SharePoint sites and document libraries. There is one big difference between XP and 7.... The Network places in Windows 7 stay nice and clean and shows only the connections I manualy added, where Windows XP adds connections by itself when a connection is made trough the UNC path or something like that. The result is that the Network Places in XP don't look organized at all.

Is there a way to prevent Windows XP from creating network places automaticly?
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BWaringConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It can be done via a group policy:

This is the registry setting:
SvenIAAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much! I created a GPO on my SBS2003 machine in, "user configuration > Administrative Templates > Desktop > Do not add shares of recently opened documents to My Network Places". It works like a charm!

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