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Exchange 2010

Springbokkie asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
hey Guys

I need to move my exchange database to a new domain on a new server. the old exchange server is 2010 but I cannot use the EMC or powershell. So my plan is a new install on a new domain to get rid of all these legacy issues. So my question is it possible to mount a exchange database in a different enviroment the user accounts will all look the same however the SID's will change...please help
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you would need to do a full migration.

The easiest way would be to build a new clean server on the same domain and then do a mailbox move to it. When done, decom the broken one.


The problem is the current domain is stuffed we cant use the EMC or powershell to do anything.

I take it the EMC and PS don't work from any machine?

Problem is, exchange relies on Active Directory to function. It holds all of the config information, user details, SIDs... everything. If you take the DB to a new domain, none that info will be there so the database will be useless.

I would say if you really have to, then (depending on the size of the domain) export the mail to psts then re-import.

I'd try to fix the existing domain even if if means a call to M$ themselves. It'll end up cheaper and easier than the migration.

Also, if you did go ahead, would have exchange in a different domain to the main domain or would you move all users details, applications etc to the new domain?


basically the plan is to move everything accross to the new domain there are too many issues in the current one. I will create every user as it was in the current domain so would it not be at all possible to mount the database. The reason I cant extract to .pst is I cant use the powershell. I know of tools like power control or I can extract to .PST from the users outlook one at a time 50 users....

No - you won't be able to mount in a new domain.

You can simply export all mails on the outlook clients to pst files or, as you stated, power controls is very good and has helped me out on a couple of occasions.

Hello :);
First of all my friend if your Exchange Server is not Upgraded to SP1 you need to do this.
now that we've upgraded to SP1 i can tell that moving From Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2010 is a supported Scenario.
you can follow this Microsoft KB and hope it will help you:

Oh sorry before i forget :),
if you can't work with EMC or EMS, like Share-IT told you you can export to pst files, there's a tool to work with it to avoid problems (even we can't work without problems ;) ),
the tool is Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Merge Program (Exmerge.exe).
hope it helps you


seems this might work http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd351280.aspx
between 2 seperate domains.
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solution found

You have accepted your own answer that has no relevance to the original question.

Your question was effectively "can you migrate mailboxes to a new domain without the use of EMC or EMS"

The answer to that is no.

I then recommended that you fix the the existing domain to which you replied that you weren't interested as it had too many problems.

You then proceeded to use my suggestion of fixing the domain and awarded points to none of the exoerts that offered their time to help your cause.

Not really in the spirit of EE.


give share-it the point he seems like he needs them. although go fix your domain is hardly giving a solution...more a suggestion.

Can I mount an exchange database in a new domain without emc or ems was the question. The answer is no.

I was willing to assist in troubleshooting your problems with the source domain but you were unwilling to consider it.

Had you of let us know what your issues were instead of dismissing the "suggestion", I'm sure either myself or one of the other experts would have helped you through to a solution.


please close this topic I paid for solutions not for this guy to have a cry.
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