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I have some websites on a windows server using .asp vbs where the owners would like to be able to ammend their sites only in text area

In the past I have recommended Dreamweaver Contribute which seems to agree with some customers and not others.

I wondered if there are some other cms editors around which would do a similar job, perhaps for free?
Many thanks

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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
If there are only a few items that they want to update, I would make your own very simple cms where you use ms sql database.

1) Create a password protected page with a text field form
2) Use something like or to mask the text field with a WYSIWYG
3) Update/Save the data as you normally do with a plain text field.
Then on the public page just place the data field on the page where you would have content.  

I know this is pretty general explanation, if you want detailed examples, please let me know.
I think wordpress cms is good for this and as its opensource there is plenty of help on the web
johnhardyAuthor Commented:
I think I can see how I can create a site with the wordpress themes but cant see how others can update this.

I am using a dedicated server so I think they need to be able to update the site on the server.
johnhardyAuthor Commented:
I had a look at wordpress and I believe it uses php and mysql.

At the moment my server is ms2003.

Anything available for this server please?
johnhardyAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for the great ideas
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