Using ADMT to move users and computers - When to migrate Mailboxes?

Hi experts,

Im working on a migration project at the moment and almost have things sorted but im still struggling on the Mailbox part of the migration.

Forest/Domain A is 2008 functional level and has Exchange 2007 SP3 set up in it
Forest/Domain B is 2008 R2 functional level and has Exchange 2010 SP1 set up in it.

I have successfully migrated groups, users and computers using ADMT 3.2 . I have also migrated the users passwords and also enabled SID history and used the security translation wizard to migreate users documents.

I now need to migrate users mailboxes from the old domain running Exchange 2007 SP3 to the new domain in the new forest running Exchange 2010 SP1.

Ive been reading up on using the preparemoverequest powershell script and new-moverequest script but am unsure as to in what order to move users and mailboxes?

Should i run the preparemoverequest script first to have a "a mail enabled user" in my target forest and then marry it up with a user account by using admt?

Having moved a user to the new forest I cant seem to move their mailbox at the moment and i think this is because I havent ran the preparemoverequest. Can anyone confirm the order i need to do things or pass on some advice? thanks very much
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Felix LevenSenior System and DatabaseadministratorCommented:
The mail user must exist in the target Exchange forest, and the mail user must have a minimum set of required Active Directory attributes (mail enabled, SID-history).

preparemoverequest copies the needed Mailbox attributes from the source forest.


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