cant access excel and word in the Terminal server


I have 2 servers one is DB server and one is Terminal Server.
 DB server is  Server2008 R2 server 64 bit and the
Terminal server is 2003 sp2. I mapped a drive to the
 Terminal server. The source is DBserver.I can open the word
and the excel documents if they are local to the
Terminal server but not from the shared drive. Obviously as it is a terminal server, the  problem is replicated to all users. please refer to the images attached.
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ukitsmeAuthor Commented:
got a solution for this. this is a glitch in office 2010 when it is installed in terminal servers
to resolve this open a blank word document file-> options-trust center-> trust center settings-protected view and disable all the 3 boxes in the right hand side.
but this got to be separately for the word and excel
ukitsmeAuthor Commented:

a bit of further info.
It is a problem just with the network share. I can open it locally. Even if I save a document in the networkshare and try opening it again I am getting the same error message. I can open pdf and stuff with out a problem. Its just with the office
Michael PfisterCommented:
If you have a virus scanner on your machines: can you temporarily disable it and re-check?
ukitsmeAuthor Commented:
I found the solution
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