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web hosting querie

drzackzuss asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11

just have a few questions about web hosting info that is being changed but do not have much experience in this area.

currently have web and mail going through domain host details as below:

name server: web host
A record: pointing to IP address
mx record 1: points to mail.domain name.com which points to our exchange server ip adddress
mx record 2: web host backup mail server
the web guys want to change hosts for the web site. currently they have changed the name server and removed the mx records which has caused all mail to stop.  the web host has said if the name server is changed we can no longer use them as mx record 2 and would have to use new web host for this.

is the A record just a way to point to web space for the web site?

would it be possible to keep the details the same as above and just change the A record to point to the new web site?

any help, suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated.

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An "A" record is an "Alias" of an IP address.  So it's just a way to put a host name to an IP address.  

If all you are doing is moving your web site to a new server, then that's all you need to do, point the host name to a new IP address by editing the "A" record in your DNS.



so should be fine to keep mx records for mail exactly the same

change A record to point to new web site ip address.

web guys thought they needed to change the name server, but is this not correct?  
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thank you very much for your help
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