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Hi Guys,

I'm using JMeter to load and stess test.

I have some questions :
If i create a script that fill a field (this field value should be unique/primary key). For example the values that I input is : MyContent01.

Normally if it's in browser, if I reinput that MyContent01 again : It will and should give error, because it must be unique value.

What happen if in JMeter, I declare that the parameter is MyContent01, and loop for more than 1 time.

Will it be error? Or it won't give error because Jmeter only simulate the creation, not actually creating it. Which one is right?

Please advise. Thanks.
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you'll get an error. jmeter still sends the request the same way a browser would.
so the second time will give an error because the value is not unique

what you can do is send a second request that removes the unique value. that way when its run the secod time the value will still be unique.

Isn't it that JMeter allows you to provide different input for each test using
the functions and variables for populating fields, such like the counter function:

I guess, it is quite common situation that you want different
input from different users in the form
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