Juniper Firewall BACK-UP n Restore

hi expert$$

i have export the Config file from Juniper SSG 350M.

while play around ,
let say all old configuration is gone or formatted;
can i restore the firewall's original state as it is by restoring Config file or not?
will it work with same functionality as earlier?
is there any trick hidden?

Please give expert advise

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deimarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have the config, then yes, you can restore the firewall to that same level as when taking the backup.

Note, this may also remove or roll back any changes made between the time of the backup being taken and the restore being actioned.

Once thing to bear in mind though is the passwords.  If you do not have the passwords, then edit/delete the user password lines in the config to reflect either known passwords or no password.,  This will allow you to keep/change passwords as you see fit.
sportsboyAuthor Commented:
there are aroung 5 users

should i need to know all users password or only one (set as admin) is enough
Just the admin user is the main one for you, with that you can at least login and change all other users and all other admin users if needed
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sportsboyAuthor Commented:
what if not have ROOT admin password but a user powered as Admin.
this admin user will still not be able to edit the root account pass or do any of the privileged tasks for the root account.

If you dont know the root user password, then edit the line in the backup config for the root user and change the password to something you know, ie for the initial restore, use password "password"

Once the config is restored, you can then login using the root user and password of "password" and then edit the root pass for something more suitable.
sportsboyAuthor Commented:
right now it is in Encrypted form, will there be any problem if i place a Clear text password,

what i mean is that may be firewall treat the clear password as encrypted one coz other all password will be in encrypted form

doesnt make a difference bud

If you add a clear text password in there, it will accept it as clear text.

If you have any doubts at all though, just delete the line completely, add/create your own root user password and then restore the config

The restored config will not overwrite the password you already entered.
sportsboyAuthor Commented:
G8, thanks
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