XP hangs as Adjust/mute Volume control

XP hangs as i try to MUTE the voice

what can be the issue?
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Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
it only becomes an issue with the right circumstances.  yes take the latest driver from HP, match the model to the support/driver page and the XP link.  Audio should be the second area on the driver download page.
on the run, type: sfc /scannow (make sure you have inserted the XP CD)
load latest drivers for your sound card
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sportsboyAuthor Commented:
PC is restored with Recovery CD properly

Does the error still remain after restoring?
Disable all startup itmes using msconfig and reboot and test.

msconfig (enter)
click on startup
disable all
click ok/apply
reboot and test

If it works, go back in and begin enabling things 1-2 at a time, rebooting between each attempt. Test each time. When the problem returns, isolate the bad startup then we will gofrom there.
Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
i have had this on several HP desktops over the last few years, its an issue with the sound chipset drivers on your board, you need to remove the current package and replace it with the latest from the PC's manufacturer, or direct from the chipset manufacturer, usually Realtek or ADI.

Everything appears to be fine until you try muting the sound from the desktop.
sportsboyAuthor Commented:
lainNIX: u mean to download the driver from HP?

i have many machines using same hardware, software, restore but this 1 PC is only problem
sportsboyAuthor Commented:
thanks, it works
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