Compaq Evo D510 Power Supply Unit failed

Hi Experts

My Desktop Compaq Evo D510 got power supply unit failed, As I plug the power cable to wall socker, I heard spark from power unit and it failed since that point. Please advise what I should do , Please suggest me the best way to get my PC back,
MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAsked:
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ehjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would take the harddisk out and trash it (ofcourse you should recycle the system but leave that to hardware experts). Its not worth the effort. You can get a cheap enclosure for the harddisk (even for pata disks) and atach it to some system that is recent.
burrcmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a common issue. The cement used in these power supplies becomes conductive over time, especially if left powered on for a long period (as in an office) then turned off for a time. Next startup - bang. Sometimes they are repairable. A technician can scrape away the cement and replace the damaged parts. Replacement power supplies are available, you can google for a supplier. Unfortunately, it is also possible that other components such as the motherboard may have been damaged as a result of this failure, so you may purchase a power supply only to find that the system is still not operational. Realistically, given the availability of cheap replacemnts, the above suggestion by ehj may be the best option.

Chris B
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MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Hi Ehj/Burrcm

My system was powered off for long time , when I power ON it works but on second time when I try to plug power cable to the wall socket, it sparked, Weird. So my case seems the exact case what burrcm said above. I will google n find if any one can replace the enclosure or replace power uni.

MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAuthor Commented:
But guys, I am trying to open power supply unit of Compage Evo D510 , but can't find how to open it , ,seems it is hard sealed from company .   ( but in this link it seems it can be seprated from box, but I do not find any place where it can be open from, i know this is silly thing i am asking but I m curious to open and see what burned , why its sparking, as it was working ok , nothing changed before/after in my system.

normally, there are 1 or more screws can you post some
this may help a bit :
MSGK161091Netbackup Storage SpecialistAuthor Commented:
Hi rbudj
The like u gave me is really good, but unfortunately I am from Melbourne, Australia so to get ship from USA, they asking me to buy min. of $ 500.00  , so please let me know if u know anything exactly like based in Australia.
To take the PSU apart, there should be 4 little screws on the bottom of the casing (the grill side that faces the cpu heatsink).
You might need to spread the sides of the casing a little to get it loose. And take it off slowly, because you don't want to mess up any wiring that might be in the way.

Any PSU should work. But watch out for psus that are long (rear fan to drive bay). You don't want to be rubbing the back of the cd/dvd drives.
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