active sync exchange 2010 and iphone

Hi. i have been trying to setup the iphone to connect to exchange server 2010.

If i run test connectivity tool it passes the test.

But on the iphone it comes up with unable to verify error.

Have tried several different settings like domain\username - just username. aswell as ip address.

pretty much all the simple settings i have tested but still the same issue. with each setting i have tried to ignore the error and continue but cannot connect to server error when opening mail.

Downloaded the iphone app activesync test. it fails saying

connection ok
application failed
active sync is not available
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cybertechcomputersConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
figured out the problem. i downloaded an update on itunes for the iphone.

as soon as that was done it connected immediately

Thanks anyway
good to know you figured it out, thanks for the udpate
cybertechcomputersAuthor Commented:
cybertechcomputersAuthor Commented:
figured out the problem for downloading update
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