word and other programs open when i open IE for the first time

hi, i have a pc that loads word, sound mixer, chrome and another ie session when i open IE for the first time.
once i shut all these down and open IE8, it doesn't do it.
I have run malwarebytes and reset the IE settings in options, deleted temp files.

any ideas
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Iain MacMillanConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
you may have a file association issue with .DOc/.DOCX, .HTM and .HTML.  Open the Control Panel on Large Icon view -- open Default Programs, and check under Associate a file type or protocol with a Program for entries against .DOC/DOCX .HTM and .HTML

Word should be registered only for DOC/DOCX etc.  Your system default browser should be registered for the rest, such as IE, Firefox or Chrome (to name a few).  What happens

Also under the Internet Options in the Control Panel you can check IE's Home Page start, as there could be some odd entries there.  Check what short-cut you are running IE from, as it too might be linked to other files in error.
total123Author Commented:
been off for a while shall test shortly
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