XenDesktop NAT getting Error 500

I'm trying to set up XenDesktop so some offshore guys can access it.

They will connect to a site in Reading which then NAT's the addresses allowing them to connect to us.

My issue is that the site I've created on XenDesktop produces an Error 500 - Internal Server Error when they try to connect.

I'm using XenDesktop 5 and the site at the moment has its access method as translated.

I know they have access to the site as they can the default XenDesktop site which has none of the NAT set up.
I was given this to reference;http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX118175

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AdamBNYCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey Wild,

            The 500 error is one place to start. There is probably some issue with the ports or such, but lets not waste time on this setting as of yet. Xendesktop is a different animal from Xenapp. You can't just setup external access via port forwarding and expect it to work. You MUST setup secure gateway (free) or access gateway (there is a free edition). Without a "gateway" each virtual desktop will require its own public IP address. You need something that is going to proxy the request (either gateway will do). I am recommending you setup secure gateway. Its pretty simple but you are going to need to buy a public certificate for the secure gateway.
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