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User rights and permissions on SBS 2003 Server

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
We're running a small SBS 2003 network with 5 users and need to enhance the security of the directories on the server.  We have one drive F: with two folders, Common and Private. The common folder has subfolders where everyone can read and write to the files and the Private folder is restricted to administrators. A user is either a member of Users or Administrators. If we deny access to F: for Users how are they then allowed to read and write to files in the Common folder.  I know my issue is rather rudimentary but I've never had a strong grasp of user rights and permissions.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.  Michael.
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Leave access to F: open to all and just set the permissions on the Private folder to full access for the administrator group and remove permissions for all others.  Uncheck the inherit permissions from parent for the Private folder and when it asks, copy the permissions.  Then remove the settings for the other users.


Thanks for your prompt response. After following your instructions the Permission Entry Window now reads:

Deny Users; Allow Administrators, Creator Owner, System, and Users. All have Full Control but all Permissions are not Inherited.  Please explain how I "remove the settings for the other users".  Thanks.
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Concise and to the point.  Excellent help.
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