1 WAP 2 SSID's 2 Internet connections

I would like to create two completely different SSID's on 1 WAP (there are 5 WAP's actually).  I currently have these 5 WAPs up and running they connect to a POE switch and are only used for the private network.

I would like to add another SSID, and set up a public "cafe style" internet connection.  I will bring in another broadband connection, to ensure bandwith on the private side is not affected.  

I need help with how to configure the vlan and trunking on the swich side.  Assume the WAP's are configured correclty with VLAN1 private and VLAN2 public.  I have multiple switches in the MDF.  

Do I even need trunking? Your help is appreciated.
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Yes, assuming all WAPs have multiple SSIDs
wvumountieAuthor Commented:
I also want to add that the Public and Private will never need to "talk" to each other, but the Private will need to pass traffic to the other switches in the MDF.
First of all, yes, you will need trunking.
Anytime you have more than one VLAN on a connection, it's trunked.

Second, your switch will need to support VLANs

The most common solution to your issue is to bring the public VLAN into your router/firewall on the DMZ port.
That way the public has no access to the private.

As fara as help with the specific configurations, we'll need to know what mfr/model switches you have.
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wvumountieAuthor Commented:
I have Dell Powerconnect 3524P switch that the WAP's are plugged into.  I have an VPN set up so all current private internet traffic from the remote site goes out the vpn back to the corporate office and out to the internet.  The router on the remote site is managed by my provieder and there is no firewall on the remote side (since its all private traffic).

I would like to bring in a cable modem at the remote site to handle all public internet.
You'll need to trunk the connection between the switch and the WAP.

See page 357

Then assign a port on the switch to VLAN Public and connect it to the 2nd internet circuit.
wvumountieAuthor Commented:
so if I have multiple WAP's trunk them all?
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