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I need to block internet access for some users , i would like to it thourhg gpo by changing proxy settings.  Created a ou called internet blocked and added those users .  Created a gpo as no internet and  done the settings  as under user congiguration > internet explorer settings> connections> proxy settings  given a proxy ip as and port 3030 excluded some intranet ips for accessing internal applications.

My intenetion is to block these users from the domain on any pc with their credential.  But this is not happening.  one more settings i tried and disable to change lan settins under  uerconfigruation>administrative templates>internet explorer> Dsable changing connection settings  and this is getting applied!

Blocked the inheritance from default domain policy and made this one as enforced.  The users are domain users only .   under sercurity filtering added these users  and authenticated  users too.  

Nothing works pls help.
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You shouldn't control GPO membership by creating OU's, it's better to create a Security Group and apply this GPO to this group, that way any user you don't want to have internet access just place them in the group.

To accomplish this setting I've attached a pic for Windows 2003 GPO.  If its Win2k8 let me know as its different.

Link the GPO at the OU level where your normal users are.  You can force the GPO.  Let me if this works? Proxy
mylatAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your  comment .  Can we apply gpo to a security group directly? it should be in an ou right ? There are 2 dcs from me one is windows 2008 r2 and other is windows 2003 r2.
Yes, you can apply the GPO so it only applys to users who are members of a paticuler group.  In GPMC, click on the GPO, and in the right hand pane click on the scope tab.  Remove authenticated users from the Security Filtering and add in your group.

You link the GPO to an OU - but the GPO will only apply to users who are in the group, because you have removed "authenticated users".

Configure the GPO on the Win2k3 DC
mylatAuthor Commented:
please close this
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