Add SharePoint file version to Word doc

We are using SharePoint to control versions of certain Word documents. I'd like to insert the current version INSIDE the document, e.g., if SharePoint has the document marked as 1.3 then I want v1.3 in the footer of the document.

Is there a special token or something I can place in my Word doc to make this happen?

In a version control system like CVS I'd just use $Version$.
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Rafael ISolutions EngineerCommented:
I've followed similar instructions when I did it in my office.  Let me know if you have any questions, but it's pretty much straight forward and doesn't require any code.
puryear-itAuthor Commented:
Worked perfectly. It's a long thread, so to highlight what I used:

This is one way to get the version in your document, it's a bit painful to get it working...

Enable versioning and content types on your document library.
Go into document library settings and select the content types you want the version to appear in.
Select Information management policies settings from the content type menu.
Select define a policy and click .
Click on the 'Enable Label' Check box
Do not Check the other two boxes in the Labels section.
In the Label Format field, enter the metadata fields in the following format:

 Version : {Version} \n
Set the label appearance and click on preview.

Click at the bottom of the page.
Go back to the library and create a new document using the content type you have modified.
Save the file as a Word 2007 format.
Select the insert tab
Select Quick Parts from the Ribbon menu and hover over document property
Select Label from the properties list
This should display the metadata defined in your label as a field in your word document. The field will update automatically when you next open the document.
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