Juniper Firewall SSG 330M vs Microsoft ISA

Hy Expert$$ got a layman voice !!!

apart from Layer7 and Layer3 differance between SSG n ISA

what tasks of ISA can be Done in SSG

1) can SSG be replacement of MS ISA
     1a) can we do content blocking same as MS ISA in SSG?
      1b) can we do caching same as MS ISA in SSG?
2) should we use them togather or not?

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Keith AlabasterConnect With a Mentor Enterprise ArchitectCommented:
Can't even find the 330M listed so can't help. Nothing (software based) does things better than ISA or the new FTMG server except maybe Sidewinder and very little on the hardware front either.

Having a basic firewall in front of ISA that filters out unwanted traffic is always a help as the ISA/TMG only needs to inspect traffic that meets a particular criteria.
QlemoConnect With a Mentor Batchelor and DeveloperCommented:
The SSG 320M is a powerful upper-class device, providing Content Filtering, Antivirus, Deep Inspection, and many more. What it does not is act as a Web Proxy. FTMG is certainly better in the Web filtering department, and has powerful Firewall features (as Keith doesn't grow tired to emphasize).

If you lay stress on the Web Filtering features and complex allow/deny/reduce bandwidth scenarios, using FTMG or any other Web Proxy is your choice.
FTMG & SSG in combination sounds exaggerative and can make the setup quite complex, but help if you need to inspect many ingress connections.
sportsboyAuthor Commented:
can we stop specific traffic like VIDEO through SSG? how?
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QlemoBatchelor and DeveloperCommented:
Deep Inspection can do that - it inspects streams, recognizes JavaScript, ... But that introduces lags for any Web traffic.
Besides that, simple firewall rules can be used, e.g. to block specific IPs or ports or combinations of both. Blocking is fast, as it is done in hardware.
sportsboyAuthor Commented:
how to stop VIDEO contents ?
QlemoBatchelor and DeveloperCommented:
With all due respect - the "how-to" is a completely different question. This one is about comparing ISA, SSG and both in combination. Opinions have been posted, and since noone else chimed in yet, I reckon it is the best you can get. However, you can request attention, stating you wish to have more Experts opine.
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