Use a Linksys WRT54G as a wireless access point

Hi experts,

On an existing network (small business), I'd like to add a Linksys WRT54G as a Wi-Fi access point for our new iPhones 4. I've tried to follow instructions on the link: without success and I don't know why.

I'd prefer the wireless network not to be visible by others so I'll have to type the network name and password to connect the iPhone.

Anybody can help?
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John MeggersConnect With a Mentor Network ArchitectCommented:
Can any devices connect to the AP?  If not, the most obvious causes are bad passwords or MAC filtering.  Start as simple as possible, no security on the wireless, reset the password to something you know and make sure there's no MAC filtering blocking the device.  Try from different devices if possible to eliminate a single device having a problem.  Once you can connect, you can start enabling security, etc.

If you still cannot connect, not sure what to suggest except maybe to go back through the conversion process and re-do it if possible.  Possibly something you did has disabled or somehow incapacitated the wireless part of the AP.  Don't know.  I've never done that conversion.  I do use a WRT54G for wireless for my iPhone and iPod devices (I run 802.11n on my AirPort which the mobile devices don't support) but I left it in routed mode.
John MeggersNetwork ArchitectCommented:
Can you connect to the AP at all?  Looks to me like the directions you're following are changing the WRT from routing mode to bridge mode, which shouldn't affect wireless connectivity.  So if you can connect to it but can't get anywhere, that's different from not being able to connect to it at all.

Yes, if you prefer the wireless network to not be visible to others, don't broadcast the SSID, but you can still enter the information manually to find the AP.
gahuteAuthor Commented:
Hi jmeggers,

With my iPhone, I can't connect at all. It says something like "Can't find "test" network".

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