Software / Tool for adding metadata to mp4's

Please can someone provide some recommendations as to software I can use for the above. Ideally it would need to accept the metadata as parameters along with the video and then add the data to the relevant meta fields
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
VLC only uses a manual method of adding metada.
It wont do it automatically .
 there is a command-line program you can use to clear the MP4 metadata and add your own
Winamp uses an auto tag associated with GraceNotes.
But testing an mp4 it just comes up with numbers due to the string relation to the MOV format
 iTunes supports MP4 metadata.
You don't need any complicated editor or converter. You can simply use VLC. Among his many features there is the supports for editing media tags and metadata.
Just click on Tools > Media Info and you can see and/or edit all metadata (for mp4 too).
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