How does one setup multiple Web Sites in XenApp 6, one for XenApp and one for XenDesktop?

We have a scenario where we have our XenApp WITH XenDesktop site, and we want a separate site that just shows XenDesktop. I had the bright idea to setup multiple sites and just point a temporary url to the second site. I added a new Web Site and chose a different XML Service port and the web site loads up but you can't authenticate in, it gives the error: "The system could not log you on. Ensure that you entered your details correctly and try again. If you are still unable to log on, contact your system administrator as your credentials may be invalid or there may be a problem with the authentication system."

Am I doing something wrong here? Do I have to create a new Default Web Site in IIS first to choose while creating this new Web Site?
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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can have many web sites in Web Interface.  It is very simple to do.

Create your first web site for XenApp and use just your Zone Data Collector for the STA and the XML port configured when you installed XenApp.  Make this the defalt web site.

Create your second web site for XenDesktop and just use your Desktop Delivery COntroller for the STA and the XML port configured when you installed XenDesktoop.  For the name of this site, you can use XenDesktop in the URL instead of the default XenApp.

To get to the XenApp web site, your users will ust type http://servername.  To get to the XenDesktoop site, your users will enter http://servername/XenDesktop (or whatever name you enetered for the URL).  

This is actually very simple to do but very little (if any) documentation from Citrix on how to do it.

khdonabergerwidenerAuthor Commented:
Ok that's great, and it works, but what we really want is a separate IIS default site to have XenDesktop point to.  Can this be done?
Carl WebsterCommented:
DEFAULT site will require a separate web interface server.  You can only have one default site.

The XenDesktop Desktop Delivery Controller installs Web Interface as part of its install.  Use that Web Interface for your XenDesktop site.
khdonabergerwidenerAuthor Commented:
This worked, thanks so much.
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