I have to RESETIIS every morning. WSS 3.0 / Sharepoint 2007

We did a WSS 3.0 & SP 2007 service pack 2 update a month or so back. For the past 2 weeks, the Sharepoint site has to have IISRESET done on it in order for the site to come back up. Works great during business hours. We don't have an exact time as to when it goes down. The event logs don't show anything special at any specific time of night showing that something catastrophic has occurred. We checked our Backup Exec and vRanger backup jobs and they are continuing to work exactly the way they have been, all successful. Once IISRESET is done, the site works perfectly for the whole day.

I checked the IIS logs as well as SP logs and find nothing of substance. Stumped on this one. Anything anyone can think of? We have a gal who's having to get up every morning to reset the darn thing. We contemplated writing a batch script / scheduled task to just reset it in the morning but that isn't fixing the issue of course. Tried googling this issue but figured I'd tap EE's knowledge while trying a few things.
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Leandro IaconoConnect With a Mentor Senior Premier Field EngineerCommented:
Remember your app pools will recycle by default every night (typically around 1am). this will cause your web applications to take time to spin up again upon the first request your users make every morning to the site.

What is typically recommended is that you warm up your app pools with sharepoint warm up scripts, something that is talked alot about on the web if you search for "SharePoint JIT warm scripts". Even EE has a link to it on its main page as soon as I login to help out:


good luck!
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
Are the app pools stopped in the morning when you get in?

You should try disabling backups for one night (maybe run them during the day or earlier), then see if hte problem remains in the morning.
drock1Author Commented:
Will give that a shot tonight. Not sure about the app pools, will check as well
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Are you able to see sites in IIS Manager at that moment? e.g. can you use IIS Manager normally.
I had similar effect on my W2003Std x32 box with MOSS2007 SP2 and latest update.
drock1Author Commented:
@achilles: Checked and it's not the backups.
@uice: Excellent. This is it. I will read up on this and implement the suggestions
@atis: Yes IIS works fine for all other sites, just the SP site errors out

I found out that yes it IS the nightly app pool recycling that is causing the problem. They were set to recycle around 2:40 AM every morning. A sharepoint safemode error then came up in the event logs after the recycling failed. I checked the IIS & SP logs and found about 20 lines of failures during the recycling proccess. I disabled the recyling last night just to test and sure enough the site is running strong this morning. I've been told to keep the recycling off is a big no-no. Now I have to figure out how to get the recycler to work properly without crashing the site.

Do you think the warm up scripts suggested above are really the answer? I know they're worth a shot.
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
Warm up scripts are only relevent if the app pools are actually started.

The way you've described your problem is that in the morning, you can't access your sites because the app pools aren't started (as a result of the nightly recycle).  Warm up scripts can't fix this issue.

If your answer is to simply disable the nightly recycle, then you don't even need a warm up script.
drock1Author Commented:
Ah ok didn't know that. Then someone help me figure out why recycling crashes the site? I'll post the 20 lines of errors in the nightly log.
drock1Author Commented:
None of these fixed the issue outright but we ended up upgrading the SP server and all was resolved.
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