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If... you setup a new corporate email account, must you also create a corresponding domain user account? if yes, why is that? if not, how can people see the email coming in from another domain account? Which is more common, setup a new domain account for each new mailbox, or to find a way of people to be able to view/manage such accounts from another domain account?
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t0pazConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Exchange email accounts are linked to AD accounts. In some circumstances you can disable that account (Room mailbox etc in Exchange 2010) but they must always have an account. The mailbox needs to be linked to an account so that it doesn't get deleted.

What do you actaully want to achive? Do you need users to be able to see a email account? Or is it for something else?
pma111Author Commented:
It was just a general information request - thanks
Ahmed786Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Take an example as, if user ABC is already an account without mailbox, means user ABC can just login to domain but cant access mails as he has not been allocated with mailbox.

Later on you decided to allocate user ABC with a mailbox, so that user ABC can access and send emails internally and externally (outside the domain and can receive mails from other domains as well).

hope this is clear or you have some other doubts ?


Suppose your company domain name is XYZ then your company email account will be

And then the user ABC will be allocated as

So that users can sent email to above users internally and externally.
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pma111Author Commented:
That's weird as our guys emails end in .com yet our ad domain ends in .net
It's standard practice to have separate internal domain name and external email domain name. They both link to AD though.
You should buy the .net and do nothing with it so nobody else can use it as well, ideally. The .net part should never leave your company's perimeter network.


IT depends on the setup been made on recipient Policies on Exchange system Manager if you are using Exchange 2003 server.

In Recipient Policies you cacn define whatever you want.

suppose in recipient policies it is defined as that all new users mailbox when created then it should allocate as or or .com

or whatever you want.
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