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Last Modified: 2013-11-29
i have just installed new ocs se when i am trying to login ii am getting attached error.
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when i fix the configuration to automatic mode it gives me attached error
Distinguished Expert 2018

Two completely different issues, so should be posted as two different questions. Taking the problem that is posted in the initial question, the error is pretty straightforward. You have a certificate issue. During the server install of OCS, one of the steps is requesting a certificate from a CA (can be third party or one in your domain) and installing it on the server(s). The name must match the server name or pool you specificed, and the certificate root must be trusted by the client. If you aren't meeting all of those requirements, the client will not complete the connection.

As an aside, while I can also help you fix your automatic configuration issue, and you are welcome to post another question to do so, fixing it will still just lead you back to this problem, so this is the more important at this moment.

Since you just set this up I assume you are trying to log in from your LAN?
Make sure that the certificate you assigned to the FrontEnd Server includes the FQDN of your Pool.
During your Front End Server deployment, you created a DNS A record for the pool. The DNS A record may be different than the host name. In the Subject name field, you specify the FQDN of the DNS A record for the pool in DNS.  Also ensure that you entered the exact same FQDN on your client if you do manual configuration.

If your client is not domain joined, or you are using public certificates it is possible that you do not trust the server's certificate.
The following blog should help you figure this out.

as per my knowledge every thing is  fine. i will send you the screen shoots you will cross check it.
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