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Need equipment for wireless bridge for new building 100ft away, supporting VoIP

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Last Modified: 2012-08-14
We're opening another building about 100ft behind our main building. There is a blacktop driveway in between the two buildings so we are unable to run conduit with fiber without a big expense.

We're thinking a wireless bridge is the best solution. This bridge will support main network access, as well as VoIP phones for about 10 users. We're a smaller company, and would like to avoid spending huge money on big equipment.

Can anyone recommend equipment that supports QoS for the VoIP traffic for this purpose, or any other solution that doesn't break the bank?

Thanks in advance!
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Most Valuable Expert 2011

Well, you just buy two Wireless Bridges with an outdoor antenna that's all.
What exactly are you asking?

One source is www.tranzeo.com.  We have a couple that are based on Microwave and can shoot 15 miles.  You can just buy cheaper lower-end models.

Something more consumer grade can surely be found at www.cdw.com.

Most Valuable Expert 2011

You don't need QoS.  It is only 10 users, bandwidth usage for 10 users would be almost non-existent and meaningless.   QoS does not make anything go faster anyway,...all it does is prioritize traffic and make some traffic wait for other traffic deemed more important,...in the end QoS makes all traffic slower, except for the traffic with the highest priority which runs at the normal speed (keyword=normal,...nothing goes faster than normal).


Fully understand QoS, and VoIP would be prioritized. Goal is to avoid any interruption in calls if large files are copied, etc. Definitely looking for something consumer grade that will work well. Any recommendation as far as consumer devices? Maybe even reload a linksys unit with DD-WRT?
Most Valuable Expert 2011

Hack a Linksys "home user" box?  No.

If you are worried enough about the quality of the solution to want to fool with QoS (I know I wouldn't even bother with it for 10 users),...then you should be concerned enough to want to buy the right equipment for the job.

I'm not a consultant or a reseller that would have the intimate knowledge of individual brands and models of products.  Just contact www.cdw.com (or similar supplier) tell them what you want to do and in less than 30 minutes you will know what you want to buy and could probably have it arrive the next day.

Most Valuable Expert 2011

Here is a link to a bunch of options.  


Note that some are indoor, some are outdoor, and there are huge differences in prices.  There are a few that are a combination of Bridge and Access Point within the same device.  The vast amount of variety here is one of the main reasons I cannot give an exact recommendation and why I said to contact a Rep at the supplier you choose.  There is just too much variety and I don't want to be the one to suggest something, have someone buy it, and then not be what they wanted.
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Use 2x Cisco 1242 APs in bridge mode.  Buy a couple of directional 5GHz antennas and connect the sites at 54Mbps with full QoS and VLAN support.

The APs and antennas will cost around £900 if you shop around.  Obviously installation charges would be additional.

You could look at Aerial Fibre Optic Cable too...

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