CSG is stable enough than VPN?

We are using CSG 3.2 and I want to know if CSG is stable or shall we better use VPN?
Is VPN comparable with CSG?

I'm just asking because our Users have sporadically hanging sessions for round about 15 sec
and sometimes it takes a longer time (5 minutes).
Sometimes we see in the Taskbar Outlook (2003 without cache mode)) trying to conntact the E2k10 but it takes time. I'm not sure if the CSG causes this effect.

Does anybody knows a whitepaper from citrix what is recommended?

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Carl WebsterCommented:
CSG is very stable and is not causing your issue.  Your issue is a known UDP bug with Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2003.  The UDP issue will still not be completely resolved with Exchange 2010 SP2.
insi01Author Commented:
Thanks CarlWebster
do you have an KB from MS?
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