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Last Modified: 2012-06-21
I have a dell laptop with 64 bit installed.  The hard drive crashed and will not boot into vista.  I have replaced the hard drive and reinstalled vista onto it.  I can see the information on the old hard drive.  Is there a way to transfer the registry, program and data files to the new hard drive?
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Not that I know of.

You should back up important data, and reinstall all.

Sorry, maybe someone else has some rather hopefull answer.

That depends on what you mean by hard drive crash. What were the symptoms?


Laptop will not boot into Vista.  My guess is that there is a corrupt block on the hard drive.  Tried to do an acornis image of the drive and received an error that i had to ignore in order to continue.  I am using nexstar hard drive doc to view the information on the old hard drive.

I can see all the information on the old hard drive including the recovery partition.
IF you can, backup, format, and reinstall.

Just make sure to backup all you need first.
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Data files, you just copy these from the old drive onto the new drive.

Programs you reinstall.

Registry settings cannot practcially be transferred, you have to redo whatever configuration actions you did to arrive at these settings.

I would go ahead and continue the Acronis image ignoring the errors. If the copy doesn't boot you can try running chkdsk on it or do a repair install. If it works, you will have all your software and data.


What program would you recommend I use since Acornis did not work?

Acronis True Image should be fine. What do you mean it did not work?


Sorry just saw your last post and will give it a try.  Thanks
If Acronis doesn't work, I've had luck using Clonezilla to build an image of the bad drive.  You can then mount the image and copy off your data files.

Maybe your MBR (master boot record) is corrupt?  Did you attempt a repair of this?

Otherwise, are you able to access this drive from another machine (i.e. slave this drive to a working machine or use an USB cable to attach to another machine)  Remove the files you NEED to save and scan the HDD for errors and such.  Use the Manufactor utiilte from your HDD MFG to do this.

There are some other 3rd party tests that could be run, but it depends on how old this drive may be and whether or not it is under warranty.

1. You didn't state if this is your build or a Dell or HP or someBrand machine...so, I'd guess it is one you build.  So is it under warranty by the MFG of the drive, and if so, check the online procedures for sending a drive back for replacement.  Or by a company, if by a company, save your data (if you can) and call for a replacment drive.
2. How old is the HDD?
3. Run the MFG tools to diagnosis and possible fix any problems. (before sending it back to the MFG as this step is typically a requirement for Seagate and Fujitsu and IBM drives.
4. If your test is clean, and your drive still won't boot, try to fix the MBR
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