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Offlline files Windows 7

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have a laptop running Windows 7 that has a mapped drive to a folder on a 2003 server.  The folder is set to be available offline.  
I need to copy the folder from the 2003 server to a 2008 server.  Below are the steps I am going to take.  Please let me know if they are correct or if there is anything else I need to do.

1) Power up laptop, login to network, run a synch with files on the 2003 server.
2) Turn off "offline files" on Windows 7 laptop.
3) Copy folder from 2003 server to 2008 server.
4) Disconnect mapped drive to folder on 2003 server (on laptop)
5) Re-map same drive letter to folder on 2008 server (on laptop)
6) Make folder on 2008 server available offline.
7) Run a synch of folder on 2008 server.
8) Test as follows:
   a) Make change to a file on 2008 server while connected to the network.

   b) Shut down laptop, power up laptop disconnected from network, see if file changes are there.

  c) Make change to a file while offline.

  d) Shut down, power up laptop connected to network, run synch, see if changes made to file while offline are there.

Let me know if I forgot anything or if there is a better way to do this.

Thank you,
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I presume there is a reason to go thru the Win7 laptop to accomplish this.... rather than just copy the files from one server to another?



The files that are currently on the 2003 server are set up on the laptop to be available offline.  Once I copy the files to the 2008 server the user will no loger have access to the 2003 server, so I did not want the laptop to try to sync to the files on the 2003 server anymore. The laptop will be set up to synch with the files on the 2008 server.  

I'm not following you....

1) copy the dang files from server1 to server2 over the network
2) make any adjustments you need on the laptop to switch from syncing from server1 to server2

Do you need help with how to copy files over the network?



I do not need help copying the files.  I will copy them from the 2003 server to the 2008 server directly.

I do not want the laptop (synch center windows 7) to try and synch the files on the 2003 server after I copy them to the 2008 server, I do not want any issues when trying to set up offline files with the 2008 server, so should I disable offline files before copying the files from the 2003 server to the 2008 server?  
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