Postfix configuration in webmin

Hi Guys,

We are currently moving domains off our old php4 server on to a newer php5 server.  However the newer server is running latest version of webmin and uses postfix instead of sendmail that the old server used.

The problem is that now the clients on the server are not receiving order confirmations/form submissions etc from their sites.  The webserver is seperate from the mail server for their domains so we do not use this server for receiving their emails.

The problem is that is seems even though the site(forms, etc) is coded to send emails from eg. the server is sending them from theirdomain@localdomain.local and not what it should be.

Any ideas how I am supposed to configure postfix in webmin to send from the clients address rather than this server address.
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satandaveAuthor Commented:
ok i have sorted this issue now, it seemed that when they setup the new server they did not give it a valid internet name and so postfix/webmin was resolving locally.
satandaveAuthor Commented:
I figured it out
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